OOH Series LED Display

OOH means Out of home Media,  Glare Outdoor LED display series can joint arbitrary size, standard modular maintenance, its broadcast images of uniform color, high-definition clear, effective recoverability ,which is one of ideal products of outdoor display lease or fixed installations.

VMS Series LED Display

VMS means Variable Message Signs,  Glare LED traffic variable message signs  is an important equipment for traffic condition and traffic guidance information release, It's a traffic information display device which use the LED light emitting device as the basic display unit, can display graphic and text.

GSS Series LED Display

GSS means Gas Station Solution,  Glare LED gas price sign is specifically designed for use in global gas stations. They can achieve remote control to display eye-catching and clear signs for oil and gas prices. These environmentally friendly and energy saving LED gas price signs have high luminosity LED lamps and highly sensitive sensors.
LED Gas Price Sign
GAS Station ADs Signs
LED Time & Temp. Sign
LED Canopy Light

Glare-LED Company , as A Professional supplier in the traffic display area, we will had our own ...


In the high-definition small-pitch LED display to become the mainstream of the market today...


LED radar speed signs made in 2 or 3 7 segment digit, can...


At end of the 2016 years , we had the order for the Big size led gas price signs 42inch 8.88 9/10 ..


LED display application range is more and more widely


LED outdoor display gain an unparalleled advantage in the development of intelligent transportation


How to deal with HD LED Display Brought The Challenges to the LED Chip


LED display compared to other display technology, with self-luminous, excellent color reproduction..

Here at Shenzhen Glare-LED Optoelectronic Co., Ltd, as a large LED display supplier, we have a goal in mind: provide our customers with the right LED applications for their needs. We understand that LED display isn't just about energy efficiency, but also about the visual appeal and intriguing design.




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