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2018CTSE exhibition Glare-LED Intelligent Traffic is a solo show

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The China International Road Traffic Safety Product Exposition (2018CTSE) falls on August 17 Curtain, Glare-LED, Dahua, Seewor and so on nearly 450 industry brands exhibited own product, about 50000 merchants observe this industry grand event.


Located at Hall 5th, the Glare-LED Pavilion 5t25, led car park induction screen, city-induced display, variable information signs, radar speed screen and other exhibits attracted a large number of professional customers to stop and observe.

Glare-LED level four led car park induction screen can be widely used in the city main, trunk and car park near and inside, indicating the area of the parking lot of the rest of the statistical data, guide drivers to quickly find the system allocated empty parking spaces to ensure the smooth and full use of parking spaces.

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LED City Guidance screen is designed for vehicle owners to guide the direction of traffic, and research and design of intelligent transportation system important information distribution equipment.It by the Monitoring System Center computer remote control, display a variety of graphic information, guide the owner's road information and direction, save the owner time.

Led variable information sign is an important equipment of traffic condition and traffic guidance information release, it is a traffic information display device with LED light-emitting device as basic display unit, which has the function of graphic and text display.According to the instruction information of traffic, weather and command and dispatch department, the operator can release various notices and information to the variable information board so as to effectively induce the traffic flow, improve the traffic and transportation ability of the road network, and provide the high quality service for the driver's safe and fast driving.

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LED radar speed screen with eye-catching display function, can significantly reduce traffic accidents, to achieve safety-led effect, mainly used in schools, hospitals, three-dimensional car parks, entertainment venues, factory entrance, mining area, railway transport areas, accidents more sections, construction sites, temporary construction sections and other occasions.

Innovation-driven, wisdom-led, exhibition products dazzling, exhibitors customers such as weaving, brand creative focus collision, the theme of intelligent traffic is obvious.


The exhibition also held the China Road Traffic Safety Summit Forum, the road Traffic safety technology exchange, the Intelligent Transportation Innovation Development Forum and other large-scale forum activities, the understanding traffic safety new technology, discusses the traffic future new trend, enlightens the traffic development new wisdom.

2018CTSE on 17th, the perfect finale, the Masara of the brand enterprises to deduce the wisdom of traffic, Glare-LED will also be a solo show, in the Shinghansan of intelligent traffic development on the road to contribute extraordinary strength.


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