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Gale-LED invite you to join 2016 the 12th Shanghai international LED show

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September 19th to 22th ,2016,The much-anticipated 2016 the 12th Shanghai international LED show(also known as LED CHINA 2016)will be held at Shanghai new international exhibition center.LED CHINA founded in 2005, including LED lighting, LED display, LED advertising light source, LED package、LED chip、LED equipment ect., as one of "one-stop" commercial procurement platform.

Gale-LED invite you to join 2016 the 12th Shanghai international LED show

As the global ranking second economic power in China,LED display markets is very large scale.The exhibition attracted the attention of many professionals at domestic and overseas.The 12th Shanghai international LED show is each big brand and the perfect platform for enterprise show the latest products and technology, Industry professionals also have the chance to see each big brand exclusive product release,Understand the latest market conditions and competitor information。

In this exhibition,Glare-LED will bring visitors to our most popular outdoor traffic LED series,Including P16、P20、P25、P31.25、P33.33 outdoor traffic VMS message display,P6 outdoor rental LED display,LED gas price sign display series digits display.Many glaring LED display products is colours of cool and dreamy pictures will give the audience a wonderful visual feast,Glare-LED production outstanding performance will conquer your eyeball and let the customer see our strength, Looking forward to you to Glare-LED Booth!

Exhibition Name: The 12th Shanghai international LED show

Exhibition Time: 16th~19th Sep,2016

Exhibition Add: New International Expo Center (#2345,Longyang Road ),pudong,Shanghai

Booth NO.: E1 B41

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