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Glare-LED Front Service LED display to play outdoor ads realistic more walk heart

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Neon lights under the traffic, lights people such as weaving, whether in the CBD, Square, park, cell or factory, LED outdoor advertising screen appears everywhere, telling the story of urban development, dancing the city's enchanting and varied.

Today, the high-speed urbanization makes the land space become particularly Jin Gui, on the other hand, the rise of minimalist aesthetics makes people prefer thin and simple design, LED display is constantly facing the light weight, simple development.

LED display, not as simple as imagined.


Realistic display, challenging reality with vision

LED display, from the traditional single-color development to full-color, from static constant flow advanced to dynamic scanning, from post-maintenance to pre-maintenance, technical process constantly iterative upgrade, visual experience more vivid lifelike.

In 1895, the first film poster of the French Lumiere brothers announced that the film era was coming.

2011, the first China-made LED display reached New York Times Square, led outdoor advertising and the development of the Internet.

Unlike VR, LED display is more natural. More energy-efficient than the lcd,led display.LED displays are smarter and smarter than lightbox ads.

Glare-LED Front Service LED display with 346 high-brightness lamp beads, automotive-grade waterproof rubber ring and other reliable hardware, with non-linear correction and a variety of scanning technology, such as black technology, color uniformity, delicate lifelike.


Walk the heart design, let maintenance 0 obstacles

LED display at the beginning of the birth, the basic use of post-maintenance design. This design can obviously let repair, debugging hidden behind the scenes, appear more dignified, but invisible increased a lot of space, resulting in a lot of space waste.On the other hand, after maintenance design, also let the module maintenance, overhaul, replacement and other processes become more complex, a fault repair, often cause the entire screen lockout, can be described as reaching.

Glare-LED Front Service LED display with coupling module design, without screw fixation, can achieve fixed-point rapid maintenance.In the event of any module failure, only the configured hex screwdriver can be tapped and the module will be disassembled in a few seconds for rapid overhaul or replacement.

Not only that,Glare-LED Front Service LED display more thin than the traditional screen, and can be affixed to the wall installation, undoubtedly save a lot of installation space.


The correct opening mode of the front maintenance--led display With the unprecedented prosperity of outdoor advertising industry, the advantages of pre-maintenance LED display will become increasingly apparent. Glare-LED Front Service LED display, LED outdoor advertising market reliable choice.


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