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Glare-Led will build LED intelligent transportation, Together with you!

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Traffic guidance signs can be seen everywhere, but you cannot see too many large screens with "electronic navigation" for real-time traffic. The large LED display screen produced by Glare-Led is intelligent and user-friendly. It can display the real-time traffic on the large screen, to help the drivers flows into different roads in advance to relieve traffic pressure.


Nowadays, along all the main roads in cities, most of the traffic signs are converted from the "printed"signs to the "light-emitting" LED signs. The LED Traffic Signs are playing more and more important role in broadcasting real-time traffic information.


With its advanced quality management , perfect marketing service network and fast after-sales service, Glare-Led has won the recognition and praises from many customers on different markets. With its Expressway Mechanical and electrical products, toll collection series products, city guidance products and led traffic module series. Its products and project cases are found all over 400 cities at home and abroad, and has up to thousands of clients totally. Glare-Led has also a good cooperation with companies from 90 different countries, such as the United States, Germany, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Italy and so on. It has been becoming one of the leading representatives with brands made in china and created in China, in LED industrial fields.

      There is led intelligent transportation Wherever there is a road. Intelligent transportation undoubtedly provides a huge market opportunity for the development of LED display industry and a wonderful market prospects.Besides having necessary market layout, Glare-Led has also laid a solid future foundation through product preparation in advance, intelligent products and excellent solutions, to make sure that we will win on the intelligent traffic display market.

Glare-Led wishes to work with you and build a more beautiful world together with you!


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