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ISLE opened brightly The GLARE display gathers wisdom to sparkle the future

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The bright openning  of 2018 Guangzhou international advertising logo and LED Exhibition (ISLE) is on March 3rd in Guangzhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall Area B, and the gorgeous appearance of the exhibition hall of Shenzhen GLARE-LED Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd (The following is called "GLARE-LED")was in 11.2 D50 .


In this exhibition, Glare-LED with three kinds of products including LED outdoor series, LED traffic series, gas station series were  presented hotly!

New E/ES Series of Energy-saving display screen and the FS/FD Series of Outdoor frontside service display sparkled in this exhibition.The company's display products have high beauty and great wisdom. The bright color is like the fairyland in the world, and the quality of low consumption and energy saving shows outstanding quality.



LED Traffic series ,Led Traffic Variable Message signs ,Led Variable Speed Timited Signs,Led City Guidance Screen ,LED Radar Speed  Limit Signs ,LED Construction Guidance Signs and LED Parking Lots Guidance Sign,which add luster to the  Intelligent Transportation ,which is Famous for its high stability and low performance in domestic and foreign market.



Iin addition,Led gas station series, the company gas station products have been sold to more than 400 cities around the world and It also enriches the refueling environment with intelligent technology.


As the leader of the global LED engineering application, the GLARE-LED exhibition hall has attracted a large number of customers from home and abroad to negotiate,and the marketing engineers and R & D Engineers sit in the whole town to explain product knowledge and application prospects for customers.Many customers voluntarily come to exchange business cards, registration information and inquiries.For the  clients,  GLARE-LED not only  has the quality of the product, but the service impression is more refreshing.



The 4 days of ISLE on March 6th is slowly falling curtain,  GLARE-LED exhibition is also in the light and shade of the perfect harvest!


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