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On the Road of Struggle, Love Lets us Grow Together -- Birthday Party of Glare-LED Employees (Jan&Feb&March)

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There is a culture, moistening things silent; There is a love, quietly into the heart; We are lucky to be together in our most beautiful years. For the dream in the heart, we together fight and rush. In the time of struggle in Glare-LED, will no longer be lonely because of you!

In order to carry forward the company's culture and create a warm and comfortable working environment, as well as to express the company's bit by bit care for employees, Glare-LED will hold a birthday Party for employees every quarter. At 19:00 on May 15th, the first quarter birthday party of Glare-LED employees will be held in the conference room on the fourth floor. Twenty-nine birthday stars gathered together to sing for their ceremony .

Staff birthday party

With the music playing, our staff birthday party has officially started! Under the warm applause of everyone, the leader sent full birthday wishes to the birthday stars and said that the development of the company could not be separated from the joint efforts of each partner. Meanwhile, he also hoped that the birthday party could shorten the distance between each other and let each partner feel the warmth of the big family. The company also hopes that everyone can work enthusiastically in this big family to create a bright future for the company.

Staff birthday party

Due to the epidemic situation, all partners consciously sat one meter apart.

There was no end to the applause and cheers. One by one, the employees began to eat and sing. In this night filled with songs, people thought they had walked into the concert. Then everyone began to cut the birthday cake. All lights off, the birthday song sounded, will tonight's atmosphere to the climax. Under the glow of candlelight, we all made a wish that the epidemic would end soon and the COVID-19 virus would be away from people.

Staff birthday party

Happy birthday, I heard that important things to say three times. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, once again send my blessing to you in tonight's birthday party more happy, more brilliant smile.

Time is flying ,all had became memories! But the smiling faces we see are worth recording with our cameras!

Staff birthday party

Staff birthday party

Staff birthday party

Happy days pass quickly, so let's look forward to the next employee birthday party. Once again, happy birthday to all of you and may all of your wishes come true. Birthday party let us all more close, struggle on the way we share the joys and sorrows and with love together to create a warm and harmonious family!


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