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P25/P31.25 LED Gantry Display mass production and shipment

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一、Mass production of P25/P31.25 LED gantry display :

Recently, the company's orders for LED traffic display have been continuously increasing, including variable message sign of highway gantry type, Highway cantilever variable message sign, urban traffic guidance display etc.

Today, dozens of sets of P25/P31.25 gantry display were shipped.

The gantry display is divided into two specifications, one is composed of P31.25 4R2G special module for High-Speed transportation, and the display size is 10m * 1m; one is made up of P25 2R1G high-speed Special module, the display size is 14.4M * 1.2M, the brightness can reach up to 16000CD/Square, both of the Gantry are covered by the cabinet, the surface is sprayed with black sand grain surface, protective layer, uniform color, no scratches, no row marks, no body exposure and other defects, giving people a high-grade, domineering feeling,

Let's see the pictures effect directly.


二、Advantages of P25/P31.25 Gantry Display

1. Adopt the high brightness LED Epistar DIP lamp.

2. The chip is driven by Taiwan Macroblock static constant current;

3. Waterproof glue filling: automatic glue filling machine is adopted to ensure uniform and smooth glue filling of the module,

4. Wide waterproof ring: wide waterproof rubber ring is adopted to make the sealing contact surface between the module and the cabinet large and the waterproof effect good;

5. Three-proof paint: protect the circuit board and its related equipment from environmental erosion; It has good high and low temperature resistance; After curing, it forms a transparent protective film with superior insulation, moisture-proof, leakage-proof, shockproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, corona resistance and other properties;

6. The circuit board is stable: the circuit board adopts wave soldering technology and has green oil oxygen insulation layer, which prevents the moisture and oxidation of the circuit and improves the service life;

三、P25/P31.25 waterproof test of gantry display

Traffic LED display series products are all used outdoor, so in the process of outdoor use, the most important measure is waterproof, because once the display is flooded, it will cause a series of problems, and the led traffic display products produced by Glare-led will not have these problems, because our products not only achieve the three defenses, in the production process, the back of all assembly modules will be painted with three-proof paint, and the back of the modules will also be filled with glue. There will be a waterproof test before shipment. In this way, our traffic display can adapt to more harsh environments.

四、Packaging and shipment of P25/P31.25 LED gantry display

Our P25/P31.25 LED gantry display is packaged in the form of wooden case + corner protector + Pearl cotton board, so that no matter where you go, the road is bumpy, you don't have to worry about the quality .please see the pictures directly.


In addition to P25/P31.25 LED gantry display, Glare-led also produces other Variable Message  Signs: cantilever traffic LED display ,LED tunnel traffic display ,LED column traffic display . If you are interested in our products, please call the service hotline: 400-086-0918.


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