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Shanghai International LED Exhibition, Glare-led makes great wonderful show

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Shanghai International LED Exhibition is ongoing, Glare-led has already achieved great success at the beginning two days, attracted numerous exhibitors to negotiate. Today is the third day, browsing through numerous members in the same trade, we have to say there gathering plenty of talents in the LED display field, we’re amazed by intelligence human beings creative display technology and every kinds of Black Tech. Oversee the past years exhibition, LED display industry has developed rapidly, the technological level gains great improvements, products quality is improving year by year, this year the exhibition make impressions.

Shanghai International LED Exhibition

Now let’s see some latest photos from our Glare-led members on-site, to know the current exhibition situation.

Many on-site customers feedback: “outdoor/indoor rental displays are marvelous! The design is ultra-light, ultra-thin, intelligent, easy for Installation and convenient for maintenance, very suitable for stage performance rental.”

Shanghai International LED Exhibition

Furthermore, a plenty of customers have great interests in our new developing Traffic LED Display Series, they’re very surprised that Chinese manufacturer design products so convenient and practical, some of them directly place orders on-site, come to cooperation agreements with Glare-led.

Shanghai International LED Exhibition

Meanwhile, many professional foreign customers say, they’re quite satisfied with our products in this exhibition, the design is humanized, convenient and practical, hope can see more our perfect products in the future exhibitions.

In this exhibition, the innovative booth design, special products show make Glare-led stand out from the E1 exhibition room, attract a lot of attention. All these owe to our sufficient preparation and strict pragmatic working.

In these three exhibition days, Glare-led booth is always in a full crowded situation, only our excellent products and high enthusiastic team are the most persuasive.

Tomorrow we’re still in booth E1 B41, waiting for you!

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