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    LED Arrow Board

    LEDs Brightness:above 6000mcd
    LED Lifespan:100, 000 hours
    Viewing Angle:30°
    Viewing Distance:≥1000M
    IP Level:IP65
    Material:Aluminum / iron and sheet metal spray
    Guiding Function:Flash left, flash right, and flash around
    Working Voltage:DC12V or 24V

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    Content Parameters
    Product name 15 LEDs Guide Display 22 Light tube LED Guide Display 25Light tube LED Guide Display
    LED Tube 15pcs 22pcs 25pcs
    Wave length 590-594nm 590-594nm 590-594nm
    Color Yellow or Red Yellow or Red Yellow or Red
    Brightness 6000mcd above 6000mcd above 6000mcd above
    Life time 100000 hours 100000 hours 100000hours
    Viewing angle 30° 30° 30°
    Viewing distance ≥1000m ≥1000m ≥1000m
    Protection level IP65 IP65 IP65
    Material Aluminum Iron alloyplastic Aluminum Iron alloyplastic Aluminum Iron alloyplastic
    Product size 1200*600*70mm 1200*600*70mm 1500*750*70mm
    Guide function Left right Left and right Left rightleft and right Left rightleft and right
    Working voltage DC12V or 24V DC12V or 24V DC12V or 24V
    Working temp -40~+80 -40~+80 -40~+80



    Road construction often leads to road congestion even traffic accidents. LED Car-oriented board is mainly for temporary ease road congestion when there is a traffic jam, the glowing LED indicator arrow provides drivers with a clear direction, which plays an important role in avoiding accidents and insuring the smooth of roads. And it is essential for (especially for the highway) construction work vehicles. LED car-oriented board is generally composed of LED light tubes, which has led traffic lamps with high brightness and they are controlled by the control system. A combination of different light blinking tubes can display different directions or instruction graphics, solar panels can also be installed.

    LED Arrow Board



    Arrow Boards

    ● Novel structure, good- looking appearance;

    ● Aluminum carton or sheet metal iron etc, with a waterproof level of IP65;

    ● Energy saving, LED light-emitting adopted, low power consumption;

    ● Visual distance more than 1000 meters;

    ● Unique optical system, uniform chroma;

    ● Long service life ≥100000 hours;

    ● Flexible control methods, manual control or remote control;

    ● Various display modes.

    Application Area

    Glare-LEDWidely used in expressway, toll gate, tunnel, etc...


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