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    Gas Station LED Display

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    DIP Pixel Pitch 10mm, 12mm, 14mm,16mm, 20mm, 25mm
    SMD Pixel Pitch 6mm, 7.62mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
    Color Single color, tri-color, or RGB
    Max. Resolution 76,800 pixels, 240(H) ×320(W)
    Control Software LED Editor software
    Brightness 4,000cd/m2 at least
    Viewing Angle DIP:110°/55° (H/V) SMD:100°/100° (H/V)
    Connection Methods TCP/IP (default), RS232, RS485, USB, Wireless RF, 3G, WiFi, etc.
    Storage Capacity 256MB or 512MB
    Color Category Each color type has up to 256 grayscales
    Color Display Max.4.4 trillions
    Color Depth 12bit/ color
    Refresh Rate >480Hz; >2,000Hz(PWM)
    Frequency 25Hz
    Brightness Control 32 levels-auto, 32-software
    Cabinet Material Steel, aluminum or customized
    Working Temp. -20to +65default
    Working Humidity 15%-95% RH
    Input Power AC 110 or 220 V ±10%, 50-60 Hz
    Lifespan 100,000 hours

    product Overview

    Glare-LEDWith a reliable performance and powerful operating system, the cost effective LED display screen can meet different multi-tasking needs. The LED display with freestanding cabinet can split the cabinet into multiple parts, supporting multi-line display.

    Glare-LED gas station ADs Signs can support text, graphics, animation, time, temperature and humidity directly displayed in full color, with or without grayscale.

    We will provide the front maintenance type LED display. And the front maintenance type screens are usually designed as the front open-lid kind LED display cabinets. It is only different in the LED cabinet structure part. There would be several gas springs inside the LED cabinet. The LED display cabinet will open automatically when you open the locks.




    >> Excellent waterproof performance: We use some of the world's best filling and sealing adhesives, and carry out IP65 protection tests before packaging. This guarantees the excellent waterproof performance of the LED signs and screens.
    >> Clear display: The LED message board with a freestanding cabinet features reasonable proportions of red, green and blue, which are based on the different decay curves of these primary colors. We also use a video processor and single point calibration system.
    >> Large viewing angle: Depending on the application venue, wide viewing angle packaging technology is used to give these LED signs and screens an optimal viewing range. These gas station LED displays have a horizontal and vertical viewing angle at more than 120° in outdoor uses.
    >> High brightness: The highest brightness level can be set according to the LED screen's location and direction. The highest brightness is typically 130% of the brightness of in normal use, and the driver current should be set at less than 18mA.
    >> Easy maintenance: With a structural design including an IP65 standard modular cabinet, the LED sign and display with a freestanding cabinet is easy to maintain and install.
    >> Energy conservation: With an automatic environmental brightness adjustment system, these LED message signs and boards can have their brightness automatically adjusted according to different external conditions.
    >> Remote control: The IP of the LED advertising display and sign can be set, and the display content can be easily updated using an LAN remote control.
    >> Color display: Single colors, double colors, and full color RGB are all available, and each color type and pixel can display up to 256 different grayscales.
    >> Light and thin structure: These outdoor LED signs have rustproof cabinets that are light and thin, which saves transportation costs.


    LED types Pixel Pitch Pixel Configuration Viewing Angle Brightness (cd/m2)
    DIP 10mm 1R1G1B 110°/55° (H/V) ≥5,000
    12mm ≥5,000
    14mm ≥5,000
    16mm ≥5,000
    20mm ≥5,000
    25mm ≥5,000
    SMD 6mm SMD3 in1 100°/100° (H/V) ≥4,000
    7.62mm ≥4,000
    8mm ≥4,000
    10mm ≥4,000
    12mm ≥4,000

    Application Area


    The Gas Station ADs Signs is ideal for outdoor advertising, information dissemination, and news dissemination. The LED display with a free standing cabinet can be used in gas station advertising display.


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