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    LED Lane Control Sign

    Product Size:400mm*400mm / 600mm*600mm Cabinet Material:Aluminum or iron Brightness:R ≥3100cd/m2, G ≥3700cd/m2, Y ≥7400cd/m2 Color:R: 620~630nm, G: 500~530nm, Y: 585~595nm Input Voltage:230Vac±15%, 50Hz IP Rate:IP65

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    product size 400*400 / 600*600
    cabinet material Aluminum or iron
    load EN 12899-1 : 2007
    flexure EN 12899-1 : 2007
    impact force passed
    vibratory force passed
    passive safety EN12767
    brightness R ≥3100 cd/m²  G ≥3700 cd/m²    Y ≥7400 cd/m²
    brightness ratio R ≥4.2  G ≥5  Y ≥10
    color R : 620 to 630nm  G : 500 to 530nm  Y : 585 to 595nm
    visual angle 30°
    homogeneity Uniformity
    Visible flashing rate ≥90Hz
    input voltage 230Vac±15%, 50Hz
    electrical safty HD 60364-4-443 and   HD 638 S1
    consumption 30W
    operating temperature -25℃ to +60℃
    operating humidity Up to 95%
    IP rate IP65
    anti-corrosion D3, D4
    conduction EN50293
    radiation EN50293
    interface RS232, RS485, Ethernet, GPRS, 3G
    brightness control 256 level automatic adjustment
    LED Single point detection Open circuit and short circuit
    sensor Temperature sensor, humidity sensor




    Glare-LED lane control sign is the special equipment electrical and mechanical engineering landmark for expressway, bridge and tunnel. using red and green color super bright traffic LED lamp, mounted on the canopy above each lane, a red ×, green lanes → flag state, guide the driver safe passage properly.

    This item meets The National Ministry of Communications-JT / T431-2000 quality standard.



    High brightness: All adopt Taiwan Epistar chip,take the form of concentrate transportation standard,ultra-high brightness and chroma uniformity.

    Low power consumption: low consumption LED is in accordance with  Low carbon , environmental protection and energy saving standard.

    Long lifespan: Brand Taiwan Epistar Chip could guarantee the quality

    Brightness control: automatically controlled by light sensor or manual

    voltage stability control: Circuit design for voltage stability, protection of LED light-emitting diodes andinternal circuit

    luminance proportion: Has a balanced current circuit and a specially designed optical components, special uniform glow

    Aging test: Product shipped after 48-hour aging,Waterproof, vibration test, etc to make the performance more superior

    Protection rate: IP54,Waterproof and dust proof design

    Material structure: Using high hardness of cold rolled iron, black anti-corrosion paint material, new structure design, beautiful shape

    carried standard: in accordance with GB/14887-2003 and related international standard.

    Application Area

    Glare-LEDWidely used in expressway, toll gate, tunnel, etc...


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