SMD Outdoor LED Display
Overview ——
Glare-LED outdoor full color SMD LED display is designed for outdoor high-definition display full-color LED display, waterproof, dustproof capacity above IP65, stable and reliable, monitor the use of international standard SMD surface-mount triple packaging technology, with high brightness, good heat dissipation, environmental protection and energy saving features, and each light-emitting unit includes red, green, and blue colors, the color display up to 1.07 billion kinds of species, capable of real-time display colorful dynamic and static images, with a perfect display, support for VGA , DVI, HDMI high-definition video signal input display.

High-quality constant current drive LED display special chip design, with a small package, high brightness, wide viewing angle, anti-static characteristics

The new mask design, so that the light emitted from the LED to achieve almost zero reflection, ensure the display screen body.

Box design module unit using high temperature coating technology has greatly enhanced rust-proof function.

Module mounting surface flatness control of plus or minus 0.2mm, good flatness of the entire screen

Intelligent exposure control system according to changes in outdoor light automatically adjust the display brightness, energy saving, lower costs.

PCB using wave soldering process, with green oil and oxygen barrier, preventing the line of wet oxidation and improve the life

Front of the module using high-quality imported glue Glue carried back waterproof apron, improve water resistance of the display.

Having a high performance level above IP65 waterproof and dust

All day long display, adapt to harsh outdoor environments.

Factory strict quality control, subject to aging, vibration and a series of rigorous tests to ensure that the factory zero failure rate.

Advanced manufacturing processes and packaging technology to ensure the quality and longevity of the display.

Raw materials include LED chips, mask, glue and iron box has the ability to high temperature, high humidity, and UV resistant, waterproof, anti-corrosion and rust.


Use cabinet design

Cabinet has a variety of colors

Display Structure
Quality Control Process
Package Method