Urban Variable Message Signs
Overview ——
Glare-LED city guidance LED display is an important information release device in the intelligent transportation system designed for car owners to guide traffic directions. It is controlled remotely by the computer in the center of the monitoring system, displaying all kinds of graphic information, guiding the car owner's road condition information and direction, saving the car owner's time.

—— ≥70° LED Modules ——
  • P10
  • P16(8*16)
  • P16(16*16)
  • P20
1.Private mold kit; 2.Wide waterproof apron; 3.Metal lock; 4.Car waterproof rubber strip; 5.Inside and outside double sealed chassis; 6.Display module having the versatility and interchangeability; 7.Double-box structure, the formation of internal natural convection mode; 8.Use special wide temperature range of the device.


Use cabinet design

Cabinet has a variety of colors

Product Parameters
Quality Control Process
Package Method
Project Case
Glare-LEDs' traffic variable message led display is widely used in highway, city road, highway tunnel road, displaying the road situations info, Traffic command department dispatches information, weather information and so on.