Variable Speed Limit Signs
Overview ——
LED variable speed limit signs are widely used in national highway, expressways, city streets, etc., can be changed at any time to display the speed limit values according to the actual situation, to remind the driver driving speed, thereby effectively guide traffic, promote traffic safety and improve road network transport capacity. Glare-LED variable speed limit signs can be adjust the screen brightness automatically, adopt IP67 protection grade design, could display red, yellow, white three option colors.And cabinet dimensions and screen specifications could be customized according to customer’s demand (eg, a variety of digital hybrid, a combination of numbers and symbols)

● Limiting speed, can be customized according to customer's demand, display speed can also be free selection and switchover ; ● Adopting high quality leds, low light attenuation, high luminous efficiency and small viewing angle, accord with the requirement of traffic field ; ● High luminance, far visual distance, brightness can according to ambient brightness to automatically or manually adjust, achieve the effect of environmental protection and energy saving ; ● With the function of temperature acquisition and humidity acquisition, real-time monitoring the situation of using environment; with the function of led error detection, it can timely find the bad points ,and then it is convenient for repairing; ● Display information can operation management via remote or local, built-in wire or wireless data transmission module ; ● IP65 waterproof structure design, and use the clamping type sealing strip and waterproof bolt ; ● Cabinet, display size and pixel pitch can be customized, beautiful appearance design ; ● Cabinet color it is black, white, blue gray or customerization.


Use cabinet design

Cabinet has a variety of colors

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Project Case
Glare-LEDs' traffic variable message led display is widely used in highway, city road, highway tunnel road, displaying the road situations info, Traffic command department dispatches information, weather information and so on.