LED Trailer Display
Overview ——
LED display with trailer and solar power, abbreviated as VMS, Widely used for displaying traffic signals and information, advertising news, and all kinds of commercial event promotions, with the following application sites:
Traffic: Display traffic notices along the roads Advertising: Displaying the icons and images of company outside, advertisement and notices of commercial events, playing the pictures and videos of products in rotation. Broadcasting the events for governments, social organizations, schools, hospitals and so on. Color: Red, Green, Blue. The contents being displayed can be customized. Display area: 2560*1280mm (or custom) Powered by solar power or municipal electric.

It has a good simple body shape and size, with two wheels and 4 supporting stand legs (adjustable), hydraulic lifting (up to 1.5 meters ), and 360 degree rotation.

High Definition
Full Display area:
2.56m*1.28m Visible distance:
Up to 50 meters Brightness:
Solar Power
Clean energy
low carbon and environment protection
You can work the software on your phone or laptop and communicate with LED display through WiFi or U-disk.
The content is editable anytime and anywhere as you want.
Application Sites
Traffic Roads Broadcast traffic conditions, Display guiding information
Stadium Advertising promotion, Broadcast events and games
Schools Publish announcements efficiently, Wonderfully display school events

Entrance of tourism site

Display vividly administration regulations, notices, visitor flow, ticket information and play advertising video.

Scenic spots

Display individual introduction of each spot   and also the guidance map to next stop.

Activity Square

Attract tourist flow and build buzz for big events.

Quality Control Process
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