LED Radar Speed Sign
Overview ——
>> LED radar speed signs made in 2 or 3 7 segment digit, can set the limit speed number by remote controller. Inform the driver limit speed: show green number in limit speed and show red number out of limit speed. >> When the vehicle drive into the radar detection area (about 100m in the front of radar sign), the microwave radar will automatically detect the speed of the vehicle and the speed will be displayed in the sign to remind the driver to reduce driving speed, which Effectively reduce the road traffic accidents caused by high speed driving. >> Speed feedback device has a significant eye-catching induction driving function, can significantly reduce traffic accidents, to achieve safety guidance.
  • 12'' Digitals Height
  • 13.4'' Digitals Height
Speed feedback device components
1. Speed limited sign (indicating the speed limit of the road section)
2. Such as "Please note your speed" and a dynamic LED (Conductor light-emitting diode) display, the above data shows the vehicle's speed 3. Microwave radar test the speed 4. Solar power with solar power supply system
Speed feedback device install instructions
1. Fix the solar panel on the frame, and then fixed on the speed feedback instrument with screws and nuts. The white wires are used to connect the solar panels and the batteries in the speed feedback box, and the positive and negative electrodes are connected one by one. 2. The speed feedback device fixed on the road left or right, or just above the road ,so that the direction of the radar port to the car, the tilt angle of not more than 15 degrees, if it is fixed above the road, the radar fixed position should be radar Cavity oblique angle alignment to the car location. At the same time, the higher the distance between the radar and the ground, the farther away the radar work. Generally, The distance from the ground to radar in 2-7 m is better. 3. Open the speed feedback device’s back cover, connected The radar data cable, control board connector one by one. And then adjust of the radar position, so that it position the car. 4. When the speed feedback device over the top,fixed the speed feedback with a screw to the column.
Application Sites
Schools, hospitals, three-dimensional parking lots, entertainment venues, factory entrances and exits, mining areas, railway transport areas, accident-prone sites, construction sites, temporary construction sections.
Quality Control Process
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