Difference between the Front Service and Backside Service of LED Display

2022-02-28 12:32

After 10years of development, LED display products have become increasingly competitive. Products continue to upgrade, technology continues to upgrade, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence has become a major trend of product development.


Front service of LED display!

LED display is difficult to maintain, and it has become a pain point for many customers. For the customers who use the mosaic type and wall mounted installation, The service work has become very arduous, LED display products should not only conform to standardization, but meet simplification,to cater to the growing demand for the mass market.

Front service of LED display coming, it has fundamentally solved the complex service. In the process of maintaining the LED display, once the display failure occurs, It is necessary to unscrew the front of the display to repair or replace the module, so that LED display service is simpler than before.


What is the difference between the front service and backside service of LED Display?

The service of LED display is mainly divided into front service and backside service. What is the difference between these two service?

Front service: the main feature of front service is to save space. For indoor or inlaid, wall mounted structure, the space is very golden, so it will not leave too much place as a service channel. So the front service can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED display structure, which can be well integrated with the surrounding building environment, and can also save space while ensuring the effect. However, this structure has a very high demand for the heat dissipation function of the equipment.

Backside service: the greater advantage of backside service is that the price is slightly lower, which is suitable for roof, column installation and other installation scenarios. The inspection and service are convenient and efficient. For large LED displays installed on the external walls of the building, a service channel must be designed,so that the service personnel can carry out service and repair from the back of the screen.


Front service led display -- not just in front service

Glare-led 's front service led display has revolutionized service . Compared with the traditional cabinet service, The front service based on the module is more efficient,Using the special allen wrench of Glare-led , it is inserted and rotated from the stealth service hole in front, and the rear lock button of the module is opened, and the module disassembly and service can be easily realized in a few seconds.

Glare-led front service led display is not only easy to maintain,Compared with the traditional led display. The maximum weight of single cabinet is only 26 kilograms. There is no special service channel behind the screen, which is especially suitable for the space limited installation environment or the display screen mounted on the wall. The demand for space can be greatly reduced because of no service of the channel.

The existing service modules of Glare-led are all 320 * 320mm standard size, which greatly simplifies the screen design. The use of automotive grade waterproof apron design, waterproof performance is better. In addition, the rear closure design based on the front service of the LED cabinet is free from the space restriction of the rear open door. The whole screen can be made at any size, breaking through the size limit of the traditional front service cabinet.


The front service led display design is becoming an important trend in the development of LED display. The front service led display will also be full of broad market prospects, and bring extraordinary visual feelings and new user experience for the customers.